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Going the Extra Mile In the Name of Health: Say Yes to Fundraisers!

Medical facilities work hard to provide their patients with the best care possible. As such, it is only fair that the community gives back to the healthcare sector through fundraising. Hospitals and medical facilities use their funds for securing the necessary equipment and staffing. Fundraisers can help them fulfill the need quickly. You can also raise funds for renovation to ensure the optimal performance of a health facility.

Many medical facilities, however, are unsure of how to rally their well-wishers to jumpstart and support their charity programs. How can they entice more people to give without taking time away from patient care? Here are a few proven fundraising events ideas for neurofibromatosis and other conditions to consider.

Fundraising with Corporate Philanthropy

Raising medical funds through corporate philanthropy has become a trend. It doesn’t just benefit schools, nonprofit organizations, and healthcare facilities but also stir up employee engagement and positive publicity. This is why it’s helpful to partner with corporations during healthcare fundraising. Philanthropy corporations are known for their charity history, which can help attract more donors. Corporations can provide philanthropic support by giving capital investment, encouraging mutual relationships between donors and the health facility, and sponsoring healthcare-related initiatives.

Develop a Healthcare Fundraising Program

The first step to developing a fundraising program is a special appeal. Think of any special appeals efforts that will target fewer donors. Also, define your goal. For example, your hospital wishes to begin a women’s health program and you want to ask the community for $100,000 support. Once you have a cause, people know how to contribute. 

Hospital Foundations

Hospital foundations serve as the best friends, go-getter, and advocates of a medical institution during fundraising initiatives. These types of medical initiatives are aimed at raising awareness and generating funds for the needs of local hospitals. These foundations are managed by a board of directors and have an agenda that is separate from the hospital they assist.

Targeted Fundraising Communications

Target audience (marketing) concept. Businessman think about target audience and customers.

Growing donor and prospect relationships is a critical fundraising practice for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Hospitals can simplify their healthcare fundraising communications by listing down their donors into management software. That only regular supporters will receive valuable information regarding the fundraising. A hospital, for example, can use these programs to updates their donors on how their grants have been used. Medical facilities can also inform their former patients when their medical team or caregivers are honored for their philanthropic efforts.

With the advent of the internet, nonprofit organizations, including medical facilities, can revamp their charity programs online. Thanks to the Internet, hospitals can find new ways to improve their current fundraising efforts. Online fundraising programs can reach a wider audience through social media channels.

You do not have to do a fundraising event on your own. Keep in mind that a growing number of passionate individuals would want to help in your good cause. As long as you know who to tap and what technology you could use to further out your plans, you can help more people in need. 

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