7 Much-Needed Tips To Increase Sales In Retail

Many people enjoy window shopping. But how can you drive these people inside your store and convert them into customers? It’s a problem that many retailers worldwide have in common. Increasing retail sales may be challenging, mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But it’s a hurdle that no retailer can’t overcome.

Fortunately, there are many things you can implement in your store to make the most out of your in-store sales. Whether by offering discounts, cross-selling, or just providing the best customer service, you’ll want to focus on your peak hours. So to get you started, here are seven tips that you should check out.

Find your store’s peak hours

If you want to sell more, then the first thing you have to find out is your store’s peak hours. Knowing when your customers are flocking inside your store can give you many opportunities. Once you see the time, you can implement different tactics that can make you sell more.

You can start by evaluating your customers and when they are coming in and out. Check your POS, and know what time customers are usually making a purchase. But keep in mind that there are people who come inside just to browse. So you also have to track them and ensure that you have a promotion for these types of people that will convert them into customers.

Schedule your top sales associates during the peak hours

Once you know your peak hours, it’s time to arm yourself with the best sales associates. They should be the ones who know how to handle customers, whether they’re window shopping or not.

So you should train them beforehand. You can choose your top sales associates by doing the following:

  • Check your employee report
  • Find out who has the highest sales
  • If you have a website, check if customers have been giving good reviews about them

You will want a sales associate who knows how to close a deal. It’s more than just giving the best customer service; they should also know how to respond to requests promptly while guiding your customers to make a purchase.

Strong visuals make your store more appealing

colorful display

People won’t buy your products if they think your store looks boring. They won’t be interested because they believe you need to offer them something worth their money. You should invest in in-store visuals like window decals, decorations, and more.

There are glass window stickers that you can easily install and remove. These have a lot of uses, such as for window display purposes or to promote upcoming events.

Moreover, they are budget-friendly, making your store look fresh and new. Other than that, there are interior tips that can present a solid in-store visual. Some suggestions are as follows:

  • Have a focal point
  • Make your visuals useful
  • Display your best products
  • Keep your products neat

Following some of these tips will attract more people to your store. Ensure your products and in-store elements work together to make them look more visually appealing and enticing.

Make your customers feel safe

customer smiling

Your store should be inviting and warm to make the customers more comfortable. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed people’s perspectives regarding health and public safety. So it’s your job to ensure that your store is safe and comfortable.

You can start by clearly communicating your health and safety guidelines and explaining what you do to ensure your customers are safe in your location. Additionally, use multiple channels to spread the word. You can use social media to let your target customers know what you can do to make them feel extra safe from the virus.

Offer discounts & loyalty programs

Discounts and loyalty programs are great tools to increase sales in retail. Customers love receiving these promotions, which will surely keep them returning to shop in your store. Sales promotions will surely entice customers since everybody wants a good deal, especially for products they love.

It’s worth noting that choosing the right promotion is imperative. It will depend on several factors, such as your products, target customers, and goals. For instance, if you want to get rid of previous stocks, you can give them away as freebies. But if your goal is to increase foot traffic, generous discounts are a great option.

Know your customer’s language

Communication is the key to understanding what your customers want. But it’s better if you know their language and mimic it. If your customers perceive you as similar, the higher the chances they will purchase in your store.

You can use the exact words and body language as they are. For instance, your customer is angry. Then a great way to turn the situation around is by empathizing with them using the exact words. Getting to know your customers does many wonders in terms of increasing sales.

Surprise rewards for your customers

The fastest way to get people to come to your store all the time is by offering surprise rewards. It works like a charm and exudes positive feelings toward your store. You can send them to surprise coupons and vouchers through their emails, and they can use them the next time they go to your store. As a matter of fact, it will drive them to go to you since they already have a reason to go.

But you should avoid repeated promotions. You want exciting rewards, so think outside the box. You don’t want to keep offering the same deals because it can get boring, such as vouchers that are only valid every Monday.

There are tons of things to do to increase your retail sales

Increasing your store’s sales can be daunting, especially if you’re new to it. However, the above tips can help improve your operations and make your venture successful. Sooner or later, customers will go in and out of your store while making big purchases!

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