How to Turn Your Company Into a Community

It Takes A Village: How to Turn Your Company Into a Community

In the modern world, businesses can’t just focus solely on the bottom line. While productivity and profit are always great, more and more employees are now craving for something more: a sense of community and purpose in their jobs. As technology brings people closer together, this need for connection is becoming the new norm in industries, and it would be wise for managers and executives to take notice.

Thankfully, more and more businesses are integrating corporate social responsibility programs and other community-building activities to their office culture. Not only does this make them more agreeable to a customer-centric world, it also creates a workforce that is invested in the business, and thus more effective at generating profits for their companies.

There are many ways to take advantage of this need for community, and utilizing every avenue is important in creating a culture that is involved in making employees happy. We’ve compiled a few ways that companies can turn their business into a thriving community.

Hear Out Your Employees

Ask and ye shall receive. This rings true in life as well as business, and any company who wishes to make their employees valued is to ask for their opinion. Any philanthropic efforts you put in should have the green light of your workforce after a series of surveys and company-wide discussions. Not only does this give you an idea of how people want to help, you will also make your workforce feel valued and heard.

This isn’t just a way to make them feel good; it also motivates them to be more involved because it will be something that a majority of them would be passionate about. The more they have a personal connection with something, the more people will be active in your CSR efforts. This will make your CSR more successful, not to mention create an image of your company as a passionate and conscientious business.

How to Turn Your Company Into a Community

Know Your Clients Advocacies

In a world that is more and more becoming customer-centric, this is crucial in gaining their trust. No one wants to support a company that goes against their personal principles, so it’s important to know exactly what your clients care about.

At the end of the day, a business needs to make clients happy too. Do this by figuring out what advocacies your clients are championing and align your company with it. Apart from making your company actively involved in pursuing higher goals other than profit, it’s also a way to become a leader in your community.

By letting your clients know that you care about the things they care about, you help create a sense of shared culture and thus encourage brand loyalty.

Plan Out Your Community Service

There are plenty of ways to give back to your community and make your employees happy. CSR efforts are best when they’re deployed on a regular basis and in an organized fashion. Try to space out your events evenly so as not to disrupt business operations. The best way to do this is by taking advantage of regular holidays.

Here are a couple of ideas for your next CSR effort:

  • Community Walks: A community walk is when the community walks around their neighborhood in an effort to raise awareness about particular issues, or to just build a sense of connection between people who live and work next to each other. Sponsor a community walk and have employees wear company shirts as both a marketing tactic and as a way for employees to bond with one another.
  • Fundraisers: Fundraisers are one of the best ways to create a connection with your community as well as build that sense of community with your employees. Choose a foundation that needs the help, whether it’s an animal shelter, homeless shelter, and other NGO’s. Set reasonable goals and have your entire workforce engaged in making the event successful.
  • Community Service: Community service is a great way to have individual employees support their particular advocacies. Set up a few days when your employees can go about their individual community service. Have them take photos and sponsor a few company shirts or banners. Having more than one group of employees engaged in community service also makes spreading the word about your company more effective and far-reaching.
  • Corporate sponsorships: One of the oldest, but still effective, ways to get more people engaged with your business is by corporate sponsorships. Often, sponsoring an advocacy, such as the arts or youth education or drug rehabilitation, lets current and potential clients know that you’re not just about turning a profit, you’re also thinking about the betterment of society

Celebrate Your Employees

Celebrate Your Employees

Celebrating a company milestone shouldn’t just be about the company; it should be a way to give back to your employees and thanking them for their years of hard work, dedication, and loyalty. Making your employees feel valued is all about letting them know that each and every one of them is essential in the business. By celebrating this fact, you create a community that is singularly focused, with the common goal of succeeding together.

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