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Simple Ways to Develop Leadership Skills in Children

Some kids are born with that innate skill to lead a group. Others are great followers, often comprising the building blocks that make up a successful team. But whether you believe that leaders are born or made doesn’t matter. As parents, there’s one thing you should think about: how to hone these leadership skills, whether they are innate or acquired.


You can take your kids to a church leadership training where they can learn the value of leadership. During these training sessions, they will participate in various activities that will enhance and awaken their natural tendencies to be leaders. Attend these training programs with them. Show your kids that even as an adult, you are willing to learn more about how to be a great leader.

Set an Example

Lead by example. You are the first leader that your kids will get to know. They will recognize these leadership skills on how you run the household and how you balance your personal and professional lives. A good trait of being a great leader is accountability. Admit when you are wrong. Let your kids see how it is to be accountable to your team (the family).

Highlight Perseverance

It is as important for your kids to learn how to persevere as it is for them to win every single time. True leaders are tested during the toughest challenges of their lives. Once your kids learn to dust off their hands and get back to work after a horrendous loss, then that’s a sign that they are on their way to hone these leadership skills.

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Teach Organization

Leaders are organized people who take other people under their wings and try to organize them, too. In school, the kids who participate in organizing events and activities are more likely to be the leaders of the future. Give your children lessons in how to organize their schedules, clean up their rooms, and balance their time.

Encourage Team Activities

It is through socialization that your kids will develop their leadership skills. Encourage them to join sports, academic organizations, and the school band. Participating in these group activities will open them up to opportunities to lead. They will learn valuable lessons about teamwork that they can take with them when they join the real world.

Enroll in Summer Camps

Find an appropriate summer camp for your kids. Even if it’s not exactly a leadership training camp, it is a golden opportunity for your kids to socialize and participate in team-building activities. If you have teenagers, you can persuade them to volunteer as counselors. They will be tasked to lead groups of younger children. This is a great opportunity to master their leadership and communication skills.

Give Them Tasks

Let your kids be responsible for a variety of things around the house. You can even teach them how to budget as early as now. Ask them what they think you should have for dinner with the money you have and the number of people you need to feed? Giving them tasks around the house will teach them the value of considering others, which is a great trait for a leader to have.

Your role as parents is not limited to providing for your kids. You have to support their endeavors and build them up to become resilient. Seeing your kids grow up as great leaders is a testament to your success as parents.

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